At the beginning of the last century, our beloved founders
came to this country with virtually no material possessions.
They came to this country with the hope of a better life for
their children and future generations. Most importantly, they
came with deep faith and confidence in our Lord.

Moved by the Holy Spirit, they worked together nurturing,
sustaining and growing the Greek Orthodox Church
throughout New England. Inspired by their parents' example,
and building on solid foundations, their children founded the
St. Demetrios parish we now enjoy.

We are the recipients of their lasting love, their eternal faith
and their desire not only to preserve but grow their values of
faith, family and community for future generations.

As with past generations, we are now called to commit
ourselves with this same dedication. In fact, we are called
upon to write the next chapter of our St. Demetrios history.
It now becomes our responsibility—both young and old—as
followers of Christ, to take up this sacred task.

Whether we are life-long members of St. Demetrios or just
joined the family this year, we are the spiritual inheritors of this
legacy. This belongs to all of us. This is our St. Demetrios!

We do this not only for ourselves but for our children,
grandchildren and the generations to come.