Q. What is the size of the new Church?
A. 12,000 square feet; 122 feet long and 101 feet wide.

Q. What is the seating capacity of the new Church and the chapel
A. Church: 425 plus 70 in balcony & Chapel: 66.

Q. Will any of the costs associated with the building of the new Church come from the church's annual operating budget?
A. The Building Committee does not plan on using any operating funds to finance the project.

Q. Will all donations be safe?
A. Yes—rules have been established by the Compliance Committee comprised of members of the Parish Council, Finance Committee and Development Committees to govern the process and deposit of funds as well as the disposition of funds during the construction process. One very early rule: all pledged funds will be invested in FDIC insured bank CDs in accordance with the CEDARS program.

Q. How will my pledge be recognized?
A. All names of donors and donor organizations will appear each in alphabetical order on a commemorative plaque or stone that will be prominently displayed at St. Demetrios. Named gifts opportunities are also available.

Q. Can my gift be anonymous?
A. A. Yes—your pledge card allows for the full range of treatment of the particulars of your gift.

Q. What is a sacrificial gift?
A. Sacrificial giving reflects the sacrificial love, for all of us, of our Lord. Thus sacrificial giving challenges us to believe, causes us to examine the importance of our faith and beloved Church family in our lives. Each year, we make a sacrificial gift to the Church through our annual stewardship, for the ongoing support and growth of our ministries and parish mission. Sacrificial giving to our building project entails a courageous gift of love, faith and support that is in addition to our annual stewardship. The sacrificial gift each family offers toward the building of a new Church occurs but once in a lifetime and can be given incrementally over one, two or even three years. Consider a sacrificial gift that will reflect the significance of our Church and faith in our lives. For each of us, there is an appropriate sacrificial gift in accordance with our means.

Q. How long will it take to complete the new Church?
A. 12-18 months.

Q. Will the icons be preserved?
A. We will do our best to preserve and reuse as many religious items, and as much furniture, as possible, especially our icons.

Q. Are new icons, and furnishings, for our new Church building included in the budget?
A. No.

Q. Will all sacraments be available during construction?
A. Yes.

Q. Will Church School, Greek School, and our schedule of youth ministries continue?
A. Our youth programs and ministries will certainly be sustained—and will continue to grow—throughout the building process.

Q. When will the new Church be completed?
A. Fall 2012.

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